The King's Playhouse

The King's Playhouse

Our Flagship Resort and First Development

A world of fun living, encapsulated in Nature!

The King’s Playhouse is a 126 acre development that merges a Palatial Resort Experience with the most elaborate displays of native Nigerian Floral and Plant life. It attracts tourists by creating an awe inspiring resort experience. This is no Hilton, absolutely not a Sheraton, it is a custom development built from day one with the Nigerian traveler in mind, offering an experience that is second to non, naturally tuned to the Nigerian tourist.

In the main hotel we play to the 3-5 star market simultaneously, using 4 Boutique Hotels, Condos and Royal Suites, carefully delineating class and offerings to secure the right mix of guests that can ensure occupancy, synergy and social value.

The Resort is a strategic mass up of features and accommodations aimed to appeal to the Nigerian traveler from multi-cadres, enticing tourists from outside the State, while retaining the interests of Residents.

From Villas to Traditional Rooms and Suites, from Gardens and Orchards to Trails and Mazes, from Tours and Excursions to Picnics and Banquets. Enugu will soon have a home away from home that grabs at the heart of the Nigerian tourist and the international connoisseur, while being simple enough to serve local leisure needs.
Nigerians are some of the world’s most

palace buiding front

A 7 Story edifice crystallizes our theme as “A King’s Playhouse”, with a foot print of 6,390sq/m it sacrifices the economic efficiency of a traditional hotel tower for the spending edge of communal living. Its amenities range will be second to non in Nigeria.



palace buiding front

Our approach to event spaces takes into account Enugu’s designation as a hub of social events in the South-East to ensure income from both space rentals and room sales.

Our main play is a 4000 person Grand Ballroom which can be reconfigured to suit smaller events. Events is a central point of our marketing strategy allowing access to clients not yet adapt to leisure travel.

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Our diverse accommodation arrangements will set us apart as a true vacation travel destination, expanding options for honey moons, couples, family vacations and group excursions with private residences on the resort grounds.

We have condominiums and multiple gated residences on the ground and a host of related services that allow a truly unencumbered leisure experiences.

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Global love for water inspired the creation of a unique pleasure city in the form of a pool, its restaurant, bar and hosting amenities make it equaling about dinning as it is about swimming. It makes for a sure local attraction.

It features a special multi-set restaurants with outdoor, indoor and v.i.p serving environments, complemented by a wonderful pool side bar.

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Our botanical gardens offer one of a kind displays of Nigeria’s biodiversity. They are a key marketing tool for tourism as they are truly not replicable.

Sitting on 24 acres they feature themes, games, displays and other arrangements that make them educational, entertaining and inspiring.

An perfect example is the Hug Me Section of our Love Garden as seen on the left.

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The Resort features 3 Restaurants, 7 Bars, 3 Pools, Gym, A Casino and a host of other amenities and services that make it a true Playhouse fit for a King.

Guest Lounges are scattered all over the Palace, designed to ensure that hotel guests spend a maximal amount of money within the hotel.

Luxury stores dot the entry floors to offer guests access to local and international rarities.

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The King’s Playhouse has a unique accommodations proposition, it proposes to be a home away from home in a way no Resort or Hotel in Nigeria can match.
It features a 7 Story “Palace” Hotel Building which is the main accommodations center and also a set of 10 Villas that offer private, gated accommodations within the resort grounds.

The Accommodations aspect of the Development Features;

207 Guest Rooms and Suites with a total of 253 Bedrooms
 Traditional Rooms
 Double Rooms
 Suites
 Play Pads
 Condominiums
 Executive Suites
 Royal Suites

10 Gated Residences which feature a total of 42 Rooms.
 Villas
 Guest Houses
 Chalets
 Bungalows


Beyond accommodations a main stay of the Resort is its many amenities and the services built around them to ensure a guest experience second to non.

 3 Swimming Pools
 3 Restaurants
 Deck top Tennis Courts
 Acres of Gardens and Orchards
 6 Hospitality Rooms/Guest Lounges
 Over 6000sq/m of internal leisure space

 Full Scale Fitness Gym
 9 Store Fronts including a Rentals Store
 Full Service Spa
 Salon
 Barbershop

 Tours and Excursions
 Concierge Services
 Multilingual and Multicultural support

 4000 Person Auditorium
 4 Meeting Rooms
 2 Conference Rooms
 Outdoor Event Spaces

Acres of Botanical Gardens featuring;
 24 Floral Garden Creations
 6 Orchards
 1 acre of outdoor events space
 Olympic sized pool/aquatic center etc





Cost of Development:  ₦12.4 Billion | $63million

Location: Enugu State, Nigeria

Expected Start Time: April 2016

Expected Opening Date: December 2017



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