Startup Financing

Startup Financing

Every Legend is a Story of the Impossible, Made Possible by Men Who Dared to Try

Invest in building the #1 Leisure Hospitality Brand in Nigeria!

The purpose of this website is to secure startup funding that will allow for the full implementation of MERIGION, a Leisure Hospitality Brand tailored to the Nigerian Society yet designed for global audiences.

This site exposes you to the prospects of MERIGION with the intent of encouraging your participation in its development from inception.

It houses a summary of our ideas backed by facts and figures on the development of Merigion and offers you an opportunity to own a piece of the future of Nigerian Hospitality, with massive returns on investment.


We are raising $220million of startup capital to build the 1st resort - Merigion the King's Playhouse.

Many questions may then arise for an investor and this page seeks to answer some of them;

How much do I need to participate?

You can invest as little as $300 and as much as you can.

We offer 3 investments options including, Equity Shareholding, Bonds and Equity Convertible Bonds.

How sure are you we can raise all this money?

We have an elaborate fund raising strategy spread across Nigeria and the United States, with your support and the investment of many others across the Globe this resort is on track to full development..

See our event schedule Banquet for Change.

What can these funds build?

Your investment today will help to build Merigion's 1st resort call the King's Playhouse. This resort will be built in Enugu and development will start right after the Merigion investors summit on the grounds of the resort in December.

Read more about The King's Playhouse.

Why is this such a great opportunity?

By being part of the start up development you get to own a piece of the entire vision of Merigion. Once the 1st resort is developed, we will continue to build new ones up to 10 in the current plan. We have global accesses to capital that will ensure the finance of all additional resorts. This means that with this investment you stand to own a piece of the #1 Leisure Hospitality Brand in Nigeria. Imagine the wealth it can create for you.


By joining Merigion you sit on the greatest development in Nigerian Hospitality and its best investment opportunity.



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