Rooms @ The King's Playhouse

Rooms @ The King's Playhouse

Built with an understanding of needs

4 Boutique Hotels in one!

With an appreciation for the diversity of Nigerian we are offering many unprecedented features including in our approach to rooms.

Our resort is made up of 4 distinctively different boutique hotels. Each has its own theme and is built to give a specific type of customer an ideal stay. They are;

  • Music: For the Reveler
  • Art: For the Executive
  • Science: For the Explorer
  • Theos: For the Family

In each of these boutique settings appreciations are made to our differences in gender, travel styles and decor sensibilities. This isn't just a revolutionary aproach to accommodation in Nigeria, it is the way resorts should be built the world over.

Furthermore we have over 11 classes of rooms to ensure that you never run out of choice.


Our rooms tailor to a diverse audience, an extensive study of the Nigerian market has allowed us to build a resort that is perfectly suited for Enugu State both as a local solution and a tourist attraction. We have;

  • 4 Different Boutiqued Sections
  • 11 Different Classes of Rooms/Suites
  • 10 Stand alone buildings

Our rooms will feature extensive amenities that cannot be beat by any current competitor, best of all their integration into the resort makes them truly one of a kind.

Enugu Needs This!




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