Future Developments

Future Developments

10 properties in 10 years to create a $3.3billion Leisure Hospitality Powerhouse

Building the #1 Leisure Hospitality Brand in Nigeria!

As a brand MERIGION will rule the leisure segments of the Nigerian hospitality market. We will achieve this through the development of 10 unique properties across the country. Each of the resorts will take advantage of a particular tourist need to create a one of a kind leisure center. Each will have a different theme and collection of offerings as we aim to serve the diversity of Nigerians. All will maintain the same standards of accommodations and service.

THE KING’S PLAYHOUSE, our flagship development and the only offering discussed in detail on this site will be the 1st development. All processes have commenced for its development and we wish to start full construction by May 2017, with parts of it operational by December 2019 and the entire project completed by December 2020.


brandThe King's Playhouse is our 1st statement to the Nigerian people. It is an Oasis for vacationers built to allow them to experience Enugu and Nigeria from the saftey of a control community. Built with the theme of a King's Play Palace, every function and amenitiy is designed to host... MORE

Cost: ₦79.2billion {} Location: Enugu State {} Value to the Brand: Flagship


The Flagship and foundation of the current investment is The King's Playhouse To find our more about it click here...

It will be followed by the 9 resorts below to create the #1 leisure hospitality brand in Nigeria

Aquariana Abuja Water Intensive with a focus on Aquatic Live and Activities. $80million
The Arc Lagos Animal Intensive with a focus on Interactable Wild Life. $80million
Manor Imo A replication of native environments focused on experiencing nature. $100million
Millenia Kano A Historical Monument to Ancient Northern Nigeria. $100million
Sands Sokoto Taps into the Sahel to create an Oasis experience of Desert life. $100million
Amore Lagos A great convention and events resort, focused on group travel. $300million
Extravaganza Lagos Utilizes Lagos' commercial edge to create a shopping destination resort. $500million
Pleasure City Calabar A leisure strip, developed the reveller. $750million
Galore Abuja An exhibition of Nigerian Luxury, it is a place of flair and extragavance. $1.5billion
TOTAL   All 10 Resorts $3.5billion


An investment in the 1st development gives you ownership of the entire vision.