The Brand

The Brand

We are committed to leisure hospitality

Faithful to Fun!

As a brand MERIGION aims to rule the leisure segments of the Nigerian hospitality market.

Our slated resorts represent a full departure from current norms, we have studied travel behaviors, cultures and attitudes of the Nigeria people and have achieved a suite of initial properties that will take root in their minds and provide a much needed solution to immediate and future needs.

Each of the planned developments takes advantage of a particular tourist need to create a one of a kind leisure center.


Merigion Brand 1
Each property we develop will have distinct individual themes that will make them unique and irreplicable additions to the property mix. This allows guests to achieve new experiences with each new property visited.


Merigion Brand 1
Each property will maintain room standards, service standards and enough consistency with the brand overall to ensure that guest comfort remains the same across all developments.


Merigion Brand 1
Nigeria has many rare and unexplored landscapes which we can incorporate into our resorts. These unappreciated works of God allow for irreplicable attractions and an experience the world can enjoy only in Nigeria.


Merigion Brand for Family
Merigion is for the whole family. Space will be created in all resorts for revellers but overall our confluence of amenities are built for love, for families, friends and lovers to experience life holistically. This is a sustainable, non-fad market.


We aim to build fun resorts that thrive by offering holistic family fun, while allowing space for revelers. A clear departure from raw business travel or sexual adventuring we are offering a playful atmosphere to a country of citizens bored to death by current offerings and ready to spend with new growth in the middle class.

This enterprise will start with a N79.2Billion ($220million) investment in The King's Playhouse, our flagship development in Enugu State, Nigeria, then over a period of 10 years we will develop properties across the country, each one unique yet related.

This website is built as a summary of our intention, with a deeper focus on The King's Playhouse.



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