Amenities @ The King's Playhouse

Amenities @ The King's Playhouse

Built with an understanding of needs

Committed to leisure hospitality, without neglecting routine travel!

We are focused on leisure hospitality and our amenities reflect that, our future resorts and the King's Playhouse will have ample supplies of activities and amenities to ensure that our guest enjoy their stay in a way that can never be replicated. We are also aware of the many other reasons why people travel and we strike a remarkable balance between the two.

Our amenites at the playhouse are built with an understand of LEISURE and ROUTINE need.

Our leisure amenities include;

  • 3 Swimming Pools
  • 16 Acres of Botanical Gardens
  • 6 Orchards
  • A full scale Gym
  • A roof top Tennis Court
  • An adult Gaming Room
  • A kids Gaming Room
  • 6 Hospitality Rooms/Lounges
  • 3 Restaurants/Bars

These leisure amenties are complimented by traditional amenities and easances that allow comfort for routine traveler, executives etc.

Our traditional amenities are also well planned to accommodate the rising profile of Enugu and Nigeria. They include;

  • A Grand Ballroom
  • 8 Meeting Spaces
  • 13 Stores/Boutiques
  • Health and Beauty facilities




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