About Us

About Us

Ideas - People - Opportunity | Business Driven By Need

Behind Merigion is LIVEN Capital a business development company, here is a little about us, more can be found on our website at www.livencapital.com

LIVEN Capital is a company created to foster rapid social-economic development in Nigeria. We build socially sustainable and economically viable enterprises, taking advantage of the best aspects of capitalism to create social solutions thereby maintaining a blend that allows for incredibly lucrative businesses that can stand the test of time.

LIVEN understand that in business the 3 most important things are;
1.  A need to be addressed - this ensures social sustainability

2.  A willing and capable client base - this ensures economic viability

3.  A competitive advantage - this ensures durable returns

We therefore build every business by first studying the needs of the people and creating businesses that are advanced answers to our clients prayers. We maintain a competitive edge by driving excellence in everything that we do, thereby ensuring that our systems, personnel and management of resources are optimal and unbeatable.

At LIVEN we are about proper utilization of capital, human resources and creative energies to create a world that can compete favorably with a child’s best dreams. We are about developing a harmonious reality aided by excellent delivery of solutions in 7 key sectors of the Nigerian economy.

We invest and develop businesses in Agriculture, Hospitality, Health Care, Transportation, Media, Education and Real Estate.

We are not a Bank or Agency of Government but a private enterprise headed by a committed team of young executives with diverse professional orientations, blended to ensure effect management of businesses, opportunities and capital.

We are efficient in our deliveries, ensuring great economic returns for partners while maintaining a commitment to integrity. Our mission is to live a {Life Invested in a Vital Enterprise - Nigeria}.



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